What is Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance is the collective name for the different types of insurance products available to cover the personal items you may own, such as your car, home and even your health and life.

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Homeowner’s insurance is your last line of defense when disaster strikes. Not only will it protect you in the case of unexpected damage to your home…

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Every year, millions of Americans are involved in automobile accidents. These accidents can cause unexpected bills for repairs, medical care, rental cars…

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Have you checked your homeowner’s policy for flood coverage? You may be surprised to find that floods are not typically included in homeowner’s coverage….

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A life insurance policy is a down payment you make today to safeguard your family against unexpected losses in the future…

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Health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. You need a plan that will cover emergency room visits, specialists, and your regular prescriptions….

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You finally got your dream boat, and you’re ready to soak up some sun. You don’t want to be caught off guard by costly repairs caused by boating accidents…

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